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Utilization Management Program : Palivizumab (Synagis®)


As you know, the purpose of the palivizumab program is to reduce the risk of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) associated hospitalization in infants at high risk for complicated RSV. A major change in the epidemiology of RSV is occurring during the COVID-19 pandemic, that is, that no circulation of RSV is being detected in the province. A similar pattern is being observed throughout Canada and elsewhere. In the absence of RSV circulation there is no benefit to administration of palivizumab. The palivizumab program has been paused as of  Monday February 8, due to the absence of RSV circulation in this pandemic year.

For further details please go to Palivizumab Program Pause letter Feb 2021.pdf.


Utilization Management Program for Respiratory Syncytial Virus Immunoprophylaxis in Nova Scotia (2020-2021)

updated: November 2020

In October 2003, the Department of Health requested that the utilization of palivizumab be monitored.

In April 2004 the Nova Scotia Provincial Blood Coordinating Program convened a provincial working group of medical specialists, including pediatricians and neonatologists, to review Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) prophylaxis cost and utilization data for Nova Scotia, to develop a Provincial RSV Infection Prophylaxis guideline and assist in the designing of a utilization management program for RSV immunoprophylaxis products.

The working group reviews the results of monitoring for the RSV season each June and consider if revisions are necessary for the Provincial RSV Infection Prophylaxis Guidelines and utilization management program for the next RSV season. The IWK Health Centre will continue the utilization management program initiated by the NSPBCP.

The utilization management program consists of the following components:

  1. Provincial Guidelines for RSV Infection Prophylaxis including: 
    • Indications for use 
    • Approval processes 
    • Nova Scotia request form 
    • Defined and monitored provincial start and end to the RSV season 
    • Inventory management strategies and processes 
    • Administration guidelines 
    • Storage guidelines 
    • Reporting of adverse events
  2. Communication/Education to key stakeholders
  3. Monitoring and Reporting of palivizumab cost and utilization data