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IWK Health study investigates effect of treatment and disease on microbiome of children with cancer

For immediate release – August 23, 2022

Research out of IWK Health is investigating the impact cancer treatment has on the microbiome of pediatric oncology patients. The study draws on an array of medical expertise and statistics to examine the effect antibiotics and antifungals have on this vulnerable population.

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IWK statement on liquid acetaminophen and ibuprofen product availability

Pharmacies in the community are currently having a supply chain issue with the above mentioned products; making it difficult for parents to access liquid products for the treatment of pain and fever.  The IWK would like to reassure our patients and families that pharmacists are always available to advise on medication alternatives and ensure that your child is receiving the appropriate treatment.  There is no need for a prescription for over the counter pain and fever treatments.

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Epidural catheter supply stable

It is likely that Nova Scotians have heard of a possible epidural catheter shortage. We would like to reassure the public that IWK Health and NS Health's supply is currently stable and we anticipate shipments in the near future. 

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