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Research Education




To support the IWK research mission to:

  • Bring together care, research, teaching and advocacy for the best possible results.
  • Be global leaders in research and knowledge sharing.


  • Promoting and supporting research excellence
  • Building research capacity among individuals and teams
  • Providing research education, expertise, and support to the IWK Health Centre and our research and academic partners.


Research Education Programs

The IWK is committed to building research capacity among its staff and trainees, as well as among our research partners at NSHA, through a comprehensive research design and methodology education program.


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Past Recorded Research Education Programs:


Research Rounds


Come see where research is heading at the IWK, ask questions, and be a part of the discussion.

When? The first Thursday of every month.

Where? Rounds will be held in the new Cineplex O.E. Smith Theatre on the main floor of the Children’s building at the IWK from 7:45-8:30 AM.

Come to this exciting new series of talks hosted by Research Services. Each month, a clinician-researcher from the health centre will present their research. This discussion will be appropriate to an audience with a wide range of backgrounds. We encourage fellow clinicians, researchers, administrative staff, managers, and the public to attend.

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was designed by the IDR team to be able to provide accessible (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) research education support to health care providers and trainees. It is self-directed, interactive, and is designed to meet basic research education needs. Creo covers topics from critical appraisal, to statistics, to knowledge translation.

This course is FREE for IWK staff, IWK MDSS, NSHA staff, and NSHA MDSS.




The Canadian Child Health Clinician Scientist Program (CCHCSP) is a transdisciplinary training program for the next generation of clinician-scientists in child and youth health research in Canada.

CCHCSP provides support for the development of knowledge and skills for a career as an independent scientist in child health research. Trainees engage in research training and a core curriculum that delivers a common multidisciplinary language of research, while imparting professional skills and values.

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2020 Spring Line Up (COMING SOON)


NOVEMBER 29th, 2019 (12:00PM-1:00PM)

Location: Research Services Conference Room

Learning Objectives: To understand what is and isn’t conflict of interest and how to deal with conflicts of interest.


Grant Application Review

Whether you are a first time applicant or experienced researcher, a review of your grant application may provide valuable insights prior to submission. Our consulting scientists welcome the opportunity to assist you by reviewing your application and providing relevant feedback. Please ensure you contact us well in advance of the submission date to allow adequate time for a thorough review.


Consultation Services

Interdisciplinary Research is pleased to offer consulting services to individuals or groups. Our experienced consulting scientist, Dr. Jill Hatchette is available to provide direct assistance with your research needs. She provides guidance for all stages of the research process, for both qualitative and quantitative methods.

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