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Period of PURPLE Crying

Thank you to our volunteer knitters – more than 12,000 purple hats collected!

purple hatsIn April 2012, as part of a North American public education campaign called CLICK for Babies: Period of PURPLE Crying Caps, the IWK Auxiliary began collecting purple-coloured baby hats to be given to every baby born at the IWK. The Auxiliary set out with a goal to collect 5,000 hats, and is thrilled to announce that this goal has been surpassed. Thanks to the generous support of volunteer knitters, the Auxiliary has collected approximately 12,000 hats!

The IWK Auxiliary would like to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who has hand crafted a hat for this important initiative. Without you, the Auxiliary would not be able to provide these hats, which serve as a reminder and help raise awareness about the PURPLE program.  Because of the generosity of Maritime knitters we are able to give a purple hat to every newborn at the IWK, throughout the year rather than in November and December as is the case in many communities across North America.  

The Auxiliary is now in need of more purple hats for newborns.  You will find 2 popular patterns and some measurements below that you may find useful.

Baby Hat Pattern - Purple Stripe Hat PatternHelpful Measurements

If you have any questions, please contact the IWK Auxiliary Office at 470-8918.

Once again, thank you to the volunteer knitters who made this campaign an incredible success!

Period of Purple Crying® program

In April 2012, the IWK Health Centre, thanks to the generous financial support of the IWK Auxiliary, launched a program called the Period of Purple Crying. The PURPLE program is an evidence-based infant abuse prevention program, which educates parents and caregivers about normal infant crying and the dangers of shaking a baby. The program includes an education booklet and a DVD, which are intended to be delivered by trained staff to all parents of new infants.

For more information about the Purple program, please visit www.purplecrying.info.