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Facing Autism


As a youth with autism, it is important to know some basic facts.  With autism, three areas of functioning are affected; social development; communication and thinking/behavior. 

If your social development is affected, you might be less awareness of other people and their feelings. Or you might have unusual eye contact or prefer to be alone rather than with people in groups.

If your communication is affected you might have delayed speech, or have difficulty understanding facial expressions or language. Another way you communication is affected is you have difficulty taking turns in conversation.

If your thinking/behavior is affected, you might have difficulty understanding abstract concepts, or need to follow very strict routines. You could have a lot of difficulty with a change in routine and sometime you have a strong reaction to the sounds around you or how things feel how things feel or sound around you.  

The terms “autistic spectrum disorder” (ASD) and “pervasive developmental disorder” (PDD) both describe these areas of functioning. Related disorders such as Asperger syndrome are also included in ASD/PDD.    

Did you know that:

At least 1 in 150 children have an ASD.

Autism looks different in different people

ASD is about 4 times more common in males.

Symptoms of ASD are usually seen in the first three years of life.

ASD is a life-long disorder of brain development. 

Cause(s) of ASD are not yet understood; genetic factors are important in some cases.


Additional Resources

Autism Nova Scotia


(902) 446-4995

Toll Free (877) 544-4495


Or check out the IWK Autism Team


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