Annual Report 2021/22

Today’s is the third annual general meeting coloured by the impact of the global pandemic and much has changed as we continue to balance the needs of patients and families with external pressures. We’ve come a long way. In June 2020 we were in the early phases of learning and understanding the virus, creating system capacity and concentrating on how to implement public health measures to keep safe. We celebrated our people and the connections that helped us face the uncertainty. By June 2021, we had navigated waves of the disease, were encouraged by the breakthrough discovery of a vaccine, and hopeful the worst was behind us. We spoke about the strength of our teams working together. Today we are recovering from the largest wave of COVID experienced in the Maritimes while navigating a world re-opened and integrating our care provision.

What has it taken to excel at caring for our patients, families and community? In a single word, resolve — digging deep, deciding what needs to be done, finding solutions and moving forward with firm determination. This has been possible because of the dedication, focus and tenacity of our people – those working at the frontlines, behind the scenes in the health centre and from home. As the virus adapted and hit us this winter, people again dug deep, found the strength to tackle the new issues thrown our way and remained focused on solutions. While we are incredibly proud of our people and all they have accomplished this year, we realize it has taken a toll. We express our gratitude for all that has been accomplished by so many. Quality care has been provided, critical research and excellent teaching have continued, our facilities were updated and maintained and our operations are exceedingly well managed.

Today, we unveil the IWK Strategy The Road Forward re-affirming our strategic directions, outlining the priorities for the upcoming year and grounding our work in core values articulated by our people. At the center of the strategy is our purpose “To passionately pursue a healthy future with women, children, youth and families in all their diversity through excellence in care, research and innovation and applied learning”. It is this purpose and the passion of our people which sustain us during difficult times and which will continue to guide us. We invite you to review the many accomplishments of our amazing teams in 2021-2022 evidenced in our written reports.

Dr. Krista Jangaard
President & CEO
Catherine J. Woodman
Chair, Board of Directors
IWK President & CEO Report to the Board of DirectorsReport to the Board of Directors


find a solution; decide firmly on a course of action

firm determination to do something

COVID-19 Tests
COVID-19 Vaccine Doses
Door Screening Hours
Virtual Appointments
Babies Delivered
Emergency Visits
LifeFlight Transfers
Pediatric Surgeries
Women/Adult Surgeries
Outpatient Clinic Visits
Acute Inpatient Admissions
Active Research Studies
Research Personnel


  • Government funding for operations ($268,202,000)
  • Capital grants ($13,001,000)
  • Research & innovation ($12,014,000)
  • Other revenue & recoveries ($27,847,000)


  • Compensation ($232,711,000)
  • Maintenance & building ($23,383,000)
  • Medical & surgical supplies ($16,129,000)
  • Services & other contracts ($14,848,000)
  • Amortization ($10,859,000)
  • Drugs ($4,878,000)
  • Other ($17,335,000)
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