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Processes Concerning Research Protocols During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Purpose: With the activation of SOP 5.503 (REB Review During Publicly Declared Emergencies), the REB may, during a publicly declared emergency “follow a modified review and operations plan”. The purpose of this Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is to inform the processes concerning research protocols during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's)

Section 1: General

Section 2: REB Organization

Section 3: Function and Operation

Section 4: Review of Research

  • REB SOP 401 - Initial Review - Criteria for REB Approval
  • REB SOP 402 - Research Review Determinants
  • REB SOP 403 - Delegated Review Procedures
  • REB SOP 404 - Amendments, Notifications, Ongoing Communication Review Procedures
  • REB SOP 405 - Protocol Deviations
  • REB SOP 406 - Continuing Review (REB annual renewal of approval)
  • REB SOP 407 - Non-compliance
  • REB SOP 408 - Administrative Holds, Terminations and Suspensions of Approval
  • REB SOP 409 - Safety Reporting/Submitting External (non-local) Safety Reports to the REB
  • REB SOP 4010 - Study Completion
  • REB SOP 4011 - IWK REB Policy: Appeals Process

Section 5: Reviews Requiring Special Consideration

Section 6: Communications

  • REB SOP 601 - REB and Research Office Communication to Researchers
  • REB SOP 602 - REB and Research Office Communication to Participants

Section 7: Informed Consent

Section 8: Responsibilities of Investigators

  • REB SOP 801 - Investigator Qualifications and Responsibilities
  • REB SOP 802 - Researcher Education and Training

Section 9: Quality Assurance

  • REB SOP 901 - Reviews and Inspections

Section 10: Privacy and Confidentiality

  • REB SOP 1001 - Use and Disclosure of Personal Health Information


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