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IWK Compounding Formulas


July 2019: Please note the contents of this page are under review in the context of the NAPRA Model Standards for Pharmacy Compounding of Non-sterile Preparations

CAUTION: This information has been developed specifically for the IWK Health Centre. It is provided for informational purposes for qualified health care professionals. This material is not intended as a substitute for consulting qualified health care professionals. Patient situations will vary and some information may have become outdated as a result of more recent evidence or practice changes. The IWK Health Centre will not assume responsibility for the continued currency of the information, any errors or omissions, and/or any consequences arising from the use of the information outside of the IWK. 

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Below is an alphabetical listing (by generic name) of the most common non-sterile compounds prepared by the IWK Pharmacy. This website replaces the Pocket Book of Extemporaneous Formulations last published in 2006. Compounds are provided in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

For additional information on compounding, please:

  • Consult the IWK Pharmacy Facebook page.  We post responses to some of our frequently asked questions about compounding and other topics.

The Dalhousie College of Pharmacy Drug Information Resources has links to many other compounding websites. Please click here for more information.

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acetaZOLAMIDE oral suspension 25 mg/mL
allopurinol oral suspension 20 mg/mL
amiodarone oral suspension 5 mg/mL
amLODIPine oral suspension 1 mg/mL

  • September 2019 – IWK using Pendopharm Amlodipine 1 mg/mL solution DIN2484706

azaTHIOprine oral suspension 50 mg/mL


Please refer to the D section for Dr. Brisseau’s ointment

baclofen oral suspension 10 mg/mL


calcium carbonate oral suspension 250 mg/mL (100mg elemental calcium per mL)

  • IWK using JAMP liquid calcium supplement 20 mg elemental calcium per mL (Solucal®, 350mL bottle) NPH: 80002626 (Citrus), 80025523 (Raspberry), 80025527 (Green Apple)

Captopril - See Dissolve-A-Dose®
carvedilol oral suspension 1.25 mg/mL
celecoxib oral suspension 10 mg/mL
cloBAZam oral suspension 1 mg/mL
clonazePAM oral suspension 0.1 mg/mL

cloNIDine oral suspension 10 micrograms/mL (NOTE STRENGTH!)


dexamethasone oral suspension 1 mg/mL
Diazoxide oral suspension 10 mg/mL
domperidone 1 mg/mL oral suspension
Dr. Brisseau's ointment


enalapril oral suspension 1 mg/mL


Famotidine oral suspension 8 mg/mL
Flecainide oral suspension 20 mg/mL


gabapentin oral suspension 100mg/mL
Glycopyrrolate oral suspension 0.5 mg/mL


hydrALAZINE oral suspenstion 1 mg/mL
hydrochlorothiazide oral suspension 5 mg/mL
hydrocortisone oral suspension 1 mg/mL


indomethacin oral suspension 5 mg/mL




lamoTRIgine oral suspension 1 mg/mL
lansoprazole oral suspension 3 mg/mL

leveTIRACetam oral suspension 50 mg/mL

  • May 2020- IWK using Pendopharm leveTIRACetam oral solution 100 mg/mL DIN 2490447.
    Note concentration difference!

lisinopril oral suspension 1 mg/mL


Magic Mouthwash - Please refer P section for Pain Relief Mouthwash
methimazole oral suspension 3 mg/mL
metolazone oral suspension 1 mg/mL
metroNIDAZOLE oral suspension 50 mg/mL
metoprolol oral suspension 10 mg/mL


nadolol oral suspension 10 mg/mL
nitrazepam oral suspension 1 mg/mL
nitrofurantoin oral suspension 10 mg/mL


Oseltamivir 6 mg/mL oral suspension

  • Commercially available as Tamiflu Suspension
  • Information on opening capsules and compounding in cases when commercial product is not available can be found in the official product monograph


Pain Relief Mouthwash Health Canada Safety Summary regarding use of Lidocaine viscous in young Children
Prednisone 5 mg/mL oral suspension

Propranolol oral suspension 5 mg/mL
PUPP CREAM (Pruritic,Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy Cream)
pyrazinamide oral suspension 100 mg/mL
pyridoxine (vitamin B6) oral suspension 25 mg/mL



rifampin oral suspension 25 mg/mL


sildenafil oral suspension 2.5 mg/mL
sodium bicarbonate oral solution 8.4% (1 mEq/mL)
sodium chloride oral solution 2.5 mEq/mL
spironolactone oral suspension 5 mg/mL
Sulfasalazine Suspension 100 mg/mL


tacrolimus oral suspension 1 mg/mL
trimethoprim 10mg/mL


ursodiol oral suspension 20 mg/mL


valACYclovir 50 mg/mL
vancomycin oral solution 25 mg/mL
Vigabatrin - See Dissolve-A-Dose®