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Learning is a cornerstone of success at the IWK. Our close association with academic centres across the Maritime Provinces and our reputation as a centre of scholarship sets a standard of excellence that is supported in many ways.

Learning Team members are responsible for building organizational capacity through centre-wide learning and development programs and services. Beginning with a comprehensive orientation program for new employees and continuing with ongoing educational programs, health centre employees are supported in achieving their learning goals. The IWK has created a learning website, eSource Learning, which is linked with the provincial learning management system and functions as a hub for educational content. 

The IWK Health Centre values the contribution of staff to the achievement of excellence and the pursuit of our academic mission. Professional development and student learning are significant activities. At the IWK, our commitment to learning is strong and staff remain extremely proud of our achievements in this regard. 

The IWK Learning Team provides service to all members of the organization. Team members share a variety of expertise. The following individuals are members of the Learning Team.

Mary Thibeault, Manager

Lisa Clements, Learning Coordinator

Stacey Coolen, Web Support Specialist

Sheldon McCarthy, Web Support Specialist

Jennifer Williams, Professional Development Consultant

Bonnie Conrad, Professional Development Consultant

Betty Ann Robinson, Professional Development Consultant

Kathy Johnston, Simulation Coordinator

Toni White-Goodridge, Technical Trainer

Susan Tanner, Learning Support, BBTT Coordinator

Jeff Nakhaie, Simulation Technician


For more information on learning activity at the IWK Health Centre please contact:

Mary Thibeault, Manager, Learning Team