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Telecare: 811
Poison: 1-800-565-8161
5850/5980 University Ave., Halifax, NS B3K 6R8

Auxiliary of the IWK

“Giving From the Heart to Make a Difference for Children and Families”

Our Mission

To support the IWK Health Centre and its Mission and to devote its time and monies to all children, women and families served by the IWK Health Centre, to provide volunteer services and resources to the Health Centre, and to advocate for child health and wellness and for disease and injury prevention as a special focus of the Auxiliary’s efforts.

Our Organization

The Auxiliary operates with a President and a working Management Team who oversees all Auxiliary activities. The Biggs & Littles Gift Shoppe is operated and administered by an Auxiliary Volunteer Committee. A team of co-chairs operates Kermesse. The Auxiliary presently has 91 members and 33 patrons. Members are expected to volunteer in some capacity in Auxiliary projects and/or administration of the Auxiliary. Stimulating and enriched volunteer opportunities are provided to members. Many exciting and fulfilling experiences await you as an Auxiliary member.

Our Volunteers

At the heart of the Auxiliary is a group of dedicated volunteers who give their energy and expertise in a wide variety of roles: volunteering in patient care areas, providing leadership on committees, working on Auxiliary projects and committees, or driving fundraising activities. The saying “something for everyone” certainly applies here.

The IWK Auxiliary 70th Anniversary


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