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Additional Resources for Service Providers

Training Resources

The following resources are meant to support distance training in the use of the Mothers’ Mental Health Toolkit. In-person training has been delivered to key regional trainers from CAPC/CPNP projects across Canada. CAPC/CPNP projects are typically run out of family resource centres and are important frontline community support providers to mothers and families, including many with mental health challenges or risk. This Toolkit was specifically developed for the community support provider level to assist them in recognizing factors of vulnerability and strength in their women participants and to help them advocate for care and intervention when signs of possible difficulty arise. The toolkit is not intended to replace assessment or services offered by a trained mental or public health professional. For questions about the training materials or experiences, contact the regional trainer in your area.

Understanding Mothers' Mental Health Problems Series

Mothers can have different kinds of mental health problems or diagnoses. Below are a series of PowerPoints/Videos which will help you understand how mental health problems present for mothers. The Learning Guide will help you get the most from these presentations.

Meet Our Mom (MoM) Series

Here you are invited to meet one of our moms and learn from her story. As you watch a video you may want to follow along with the Individual Case Review Worksheet to organize your approach to understanding this MoM. Or if you are reviewing a video with a group, you can use the Group Case Review Worksheet to aid your group discussions.

  • Jasmine's Story - Anxiety and Pregnancy

    Listen in while Jasmine talks about her experience of anxiety in pregnancy. The Jasmine Training Guide will highlight key points within her story.

    Download Jasmine Training Guide

  • Susan's Story - Depression After the Baby Comes

    Susan describes her struggle here with Postpartum Depression. The Susan Training Guide will highlight key points in how her depression presents and where her vulnerabilities and strengths may be in recovery.

    Download Susan Training Guide

Other Resources

  • Direct Training Video

    This video shows a sample of direct training experiences with the Mother's Mental Health Toolkit.

  • So You’re Pregnant

    This animated video piece hopes to engage young women about the supports they will need through an unplanned pregnancy.

  • Resource List

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