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Facing Suicide


Feeling Hopeless

Thinking about suicide is a pretty scary experience, but it doesn’t mean that you are crazy or that you are the only kid to have these thoughts. In a study of a large group of teens, 30 per cent of them had thought about suicide. And youth aren’t the only ones who think about suicide. In one study, 60 per cent of adults reported that they had suicidal thoughts at some time in their lives.

So these kinds of thoughts aren’t unusual, but what do they mean? Most often, it means that you are very unhappy or angry about some stuff in your life and that you don’t feel that you have any control to change it. After awhile, you start to feel a bit desperate and then the idea of suicide pops into your head. But as you get older and more experienced at living, you figure out more and more ways to solve problems and they won’t seem so huge.  

What Can I Do?

So what can you do about these thoughts? First of all, don’t try to run away from them. You are thinking this way because you are really upset or angry, so listen to yourself. Ask yourself what is bothering you so much. Then talk to someone you trust. Just telling someone how upset or angry you are will help you feel better. Second, write in a journal. This will also help you feel better. One of the best things to do is write down all your feelings and then make a list of all the ways that you can change the situation. And finally, if the thoughts don’t go away after you’ve done these things, ask your parents about seeing a counsellor for a bit. The counsellor can suggest new ways of coping.

Sometimes suicidal thoughts won’t go away by themselves. If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts that won’t go away, then you should tell your parents and ask them to take you to your doctor or counsellor.

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