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Lots of kids and teens find it hard to sit still and focus. You might feel like you need to get up and run around, or jump or yell.  It might be difficult to listen to the teacher, finish your homework, or keep track of your stuff. 

If this is you, you could have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This is a problem with how the brain is wired. The good news is, it can be helped.

You might have felt like this since you were really little, or it could be a new thing. Either way, talk to your parents about getting help. Ask them to check out the information links on this page. There are lots of programs to help young people like you. 

The first step is to see if you really have ADHD.  It will be helpful to see a paediatrician. Other things can make it hard to sit still or pay attention. Like, if you’ve been sick or something stressful has happened in your life. So you want to make sure you have a proper diagnosis by a pediatrician.

If you do have ADHD, you might need to take medication. These medications are safe and can really make a big difference. There are also things you and your parents can do to help you learn to stay focused and keep organized.

Once you get the help you need, you will see a big change. It will be easier to focus in class and you will do better in school. You will also find it easier to make friends and get along with adults. When you are older, you will also find it easier to learn the skills you need to get a job you like.

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  • I'm worried. I'm really anxious and sometimes get panicked.
  • I'm worried. I'm thinking about suicide.
  • I'm worried. I'm not sure about my sexuality.
  • I'm worried. Sometimes my thoughts don't seem real.
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