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Is there something I can do before the appointment?

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  • Is there something I can do before the appointment?

Here are a few things you may want to do before your appointment.

  • Think about your goals. Why are you seeking help?
  • Are there a few specific things you and your child would like to work on or improve?
  • There may be reading you can do.  If you know your child has a specific mental health disorder – check our Helpful Websites of our website for links to other websites or helpful information.
  • Talk to your child. Prepare them for the appointment.

This is what you can expect in the appointment:

o Before your appointment starts, you may fill in a short questionnaire, called a Strengths and Difficulty Questionnaire.  It helps the clinician better understand how things are going. 

o The clinician will explain confidentiality.  They will tell you what can and cannot be shared about what you talk about in treatment.

o Everyone gets a chance to share why they are seeking help. 

o You may choose to come back for another appointment.  If so, the clinician will talk about next steps in your treatment.  You will also get your next appointment date.

o Before you leave, the clinician will offer suggestions for things you/ your child can do to be active in your own treatment. 

o About a week after your appointment, you and your family doctor will get a Choice letter.  The letter provides a brief summary of why you came, your goals, suggestions for things you can do, next steps and/or next appointment time.

Cancelling an appointment

If you cannot make the appointment, please call in and cancel.  The phone number to call will be in your appointment letter.  The more notice you give, the more able we will be to offer the appointment time to another family in need.