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Healthy Eating for Your Best Weight


Welcome to IWK Health’s best weight page for patients of the Women’s & Newborn Health Program.

To help educate patients who are looking for nutrition information to support their own personal best weight, registered dietitians and dietetic interns at the IWK created a series of educational videos and links. Although people of all ages and gender identities might be interested in seeking information about weight management and healthy eating, the information in these videos is specific to people that identify as adult women, including those that are pregnant and those that are not pregnant. How much someone should eat, or what nutrients they require more or less of depends on several metabolic factors and therefore, advice around eating and nutrition should be tailored to people’s unique needs. If you need additional advice, or advice that is more specific to your needs, please speak to a registered dietitian or your family physician.

These resources are helpful guides and do not take the place of your health care provider’s advice.


How to eat a healthy diet – creating a healthy plate for meal balance & portion control.  This video provides meal & snack ideas. 


Benefits of Physical Activity for both pregnant & non-pregnant women



5 Healthy Eating Tips to help manage weight



How to create goals and stick to them.



Weight gain targets and calorie needs for pregnant women.