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Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Team

Since elements of ERAS are implemented by many medical and health care specialties working in different departments at the IWK, a multidisciplinary approach is necessary. The elements of ERAS care are carried out by many professionals: physicians, nurses, pharmacists, dietitians and physiotherapists.


ERAS Clinical Co-Leads: Dr. Dolores McKeen, Tracy Dryden RN BN CPN(c), Dr. Nancy Van Eyk

ERAS Nurse Liaisons:Susan Whalen RN BN and Ruth Jordan RN

ERAS Committee Team Members

Patient Champions: Ms. Donna Collins and Ms. Mary Anne Earle

Anesthesia Champions: Drs. Dolores McKeen, Prasad Bolleddula, Allana Munro, Vishal Uppal

Nursing Champions: Susan Whalen, Ruth Jordan, Linda Mason, Carla Pearcey, Freda Baillieul

Surgery Champions: Drs. Nancy VanEyk, David Rittenberg, Anita Smith

Pharmacy Champions: Ms. Sylvia Yazbeck, Carla Mengual-Fanning

Physiotherapy Champion: Ms.Bethany Lezama

Clinical Nutrition Champions:  Ms. Catherine Walsh, Taylor Nicholson, Cindy Brennan, Jan Eddy, Gina Brown, Grace Trigg

Administration Champions: Ms. Tracy Dryden, Michelle LeDrew, Ms. Nancy Cashen

Research Champions: Dr. Erna Snelgrove-Clarke, Lorraine Chiasson, Alana Fairfax, Lauren Matheson