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Recreation and Sport


Adjustable Basketball Net

adjustable basketball net

This net is ideal for individuals shooting from a seated position, for small children and for those who have difficulty reaching regulation nets.


Boccia Ball (2 in stock)

boccia ball bagBoccia Balls

About the game:

A match consists of four ends in the individuals and pairs competitions and of six ends in the team division. Each end continues until both teams have played all of their balls.

The match is started by throwing the white target ball or the "jack" into the playing area. The same player also rolls the first Boccia ball as close as possible to the jack. The athletes use their hands, feet or an assistive device where required, to propel the balls. Thereafter the opposing team throws until they get a ball closer to the jack or until they have thrown all of their team's balls. Play then returns to the first team. The end continues in this manner until both teams have thrown all of their balls.

In team competition, a playing rotation is maintained throughout the game. Scoring is done at the conclusion of an end. One point is awarded for each ball that is closest to the jack and "inside" any opponent's ball. If two balls of the same color are closer to the jack than any of the balls of the opposing side, the first will receive two points. If two or more balls of different colours are at the same distance from the jack and there is no other ball closer to it, then each side receives one point per ball.

After the completion of all ends, the individual, pair or team with the highest total score is declared winner. If the scores of both teams are equal, a tiebreak consisting of one additional end is played.


Current Designs Double Kayak with Pontoons for extra stability (To trial this kayak please contact Jan Kruk with the Paddle All program at Banook Canoe Club at 902.464.1740 or

double kayak

Our Universal Paddling Seat was designed with one purpose in mind:  to open the sport of paddling to everyone.  Regardless of the level of support needed, the seat provides as much or as little as a paddler needs.

The back structure consists of pelvic, lateral, lumbar and upper-back supports.  The back has several vertical adjustments to fit different torso lengths and types.  The upper unit (the upper-back rest and laterals) can be adjusted independently or removed completely, for those who do not need the high- level support.

Tilt adjust of the back structure allows the paddler’s center of gravity to shift rearward far enough to enable those with minimal or no abdominal support to paddle. 

Quickie Sport Chair (10 in Stock)

quickie chair

The Quickie Sport wheelchair establishes a new standard in performance and style. It uses a patented center-of-mass adjustment feature and adjusts to match each user's unique center-of gravity and seat-angle requirements -- all without swapping a single part. This, along with a new series of options, makes this the perfect chair for both the recreational and the elite athlete. Basketball. Quad Rugby. Hockey. Football.  You name the court - this is the chair that will dominate it. 

Innovative front caster design and integral anti-tip system provides stability.

Comes in a variety of sizes.

Sled for Sledge Hockey or Ice Skating (4 in stock)


A sled enables those with mobility challenges to skate or play hockey from a seated position.  Features high adjustable tilt back and a push bar (as pictured) for support to aid participant.

Also comes with a 'wheel kit' as pictured.

One small sledge available to fit children two to five years of age.

Youtube Video of Sledge

Snow Coach (3 in stock, red in color)

snow coach

Great for cross-country ski trails! Winter fun for everyone! Quality crafted sled features a tubular metal grip yoke system that provides lateral protection for riders with disabilities. Two independently operating brakes, a tail brake, and swivel coupled platform are built to withstand extreme use. Ergonomically shaped front and rear sections and incorporated footrests assure safety and good weight bearing characteristics. Virtually indestructible, injection-molded shell with padded seat, 3 safety straps, raised back support, head rest and steel runners. 220 lb weight capacity. For riders with good head, neck and trunk control. Product weighs only 29 lbs.

Wheelchair/Power Soccer - Guards and Ball

Soccer Ball and guards

Wheelchair or power soccer is an adapted form of soccer with similar rules.  Features adjustable soccer guard and 13 inch soccer ball. 

Soccer guards are universal and will attach to most wheelchairs with standard leg-rests.  It is assembled and mounted easily using nuts, bolts and clamps.  They are extremely sturdy and reasonably light.

The fast-moving ball is designed to be kicked and passed providing a more dynamic game play. Its smooth finish prevents it from catching onto a wheelchair or its guard making it safer to play.