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Helpful Links and Information (Child Life)

  • Long term patients may receive a referral for support from school services.  
  • The Ronald MacDonald Room is dedicated to helping seriously ill or disabled children by providing them and their families a caring and supportive “home away from home”. This area can be found on the 3rd floor. 
  • There are televisions in every inpatient room on the Children’s Site with select complimentary channels and order information from hospitality network.   Child Life also has our own channel called Child Life TV CL-TV on channel 78. 
  • WiFi is available for all patients and their families. Passwords are available by dialing 6300 on any IWK phone.  
  • Child Life Specialists have a limited supply of laptops that can be loaned to priority patients based on assessment and availability. 
  • Your Child Life Specialist can connect you to Upopolis which is a private social utility that connects young hospital patients to their family, friends, school, as well as other patients with similar diagnosis across Canada .
  • The IWK Health Centre is proud to provide family centred care.
  • The IWK Health Centre has a Youth Advisory Council (YAC). This team including youth, youth mentors and staff who had experience involving youth voice in care. 
  • The Family Resource Library is for families with books, health information, movies, video games and more. 
  • The IWK's Chapel is located on the 2nd floor, near the blue elevators and behind the large fish tank.