Annual Report 2022/23

As we celebrate the accomplishments of the past year and look forward to the future – metamorphosis or change is a fitting theme.

Change in response to adversity can propel us forward and ready us for not only the present, but the future. From a scientific standpoint, metamorphosis is defined as a change in state that occurs as part of the life cycle of an organism making it fit for purpose. Interestingly, despite great change in outward form, the DNA which is the core of the organism, remains unchanged.

This concept of significant change to meet purpose, while at the same time remaining true to our core will be critical to successfully delivering the transformation that is required in healthcare today. The video included in this annual report highlights some of the many successes that reflect the core purpose of IWK Health and emphasize our values which are integral to the DNA of the organization. It is these two things — purpose and shared values, that define our “why” which is unchanging in the face of ongoing metamorphosis.

In many cultures, the dragonfly is a symbol of change, transformation, and adaptability. It reminds us of the work ahead as we change to be “fit for purpose” and meet the health needs of women, children, youth, and genderdiverse people and their families. The path to transformation set out in Action for Health, combined with our IWK strategy The Road Forward, provides a clear roadmap for what is needed and how we can get there.

None of the work required can be accomplished without the talented and dedicated people within the system. This year we have been tested again with the major impact of the “tripledemic” of viral surge over the late fall and early winter just when we thought we were leaving the pandemic behind. More recently we experienced the wildfires which devastated so many within our Nova Scotian communities. Once again, the IWK Health community came together, supported patients, families and each other, shared the burden, and made everything a little better. It is the strength of this core that will support our ongoing transformation.

The IWK Foundation remains an outstanding partner and champion – always there to support infrastructure, equipment, programs, and research to elevate care to the next level. This year the Foundation came to our side to support staff in the difficult winter months with the “Community Cares” grant. Thank you for caring for the care providers. The IWK Auxiliary, unable to be onsite during the pandemic, remain dedicated and passionate about making hospital stays just a little bit easier and are eager to plan their return as the pandemic recedes.

Our sincerest thanks to everyone who leans in, works together and braves change to deliver on IWK’s purpose. You are extraordinary.

Dr. Krista Jangaard
President & CEO
Catherine J. Woodman
Chair, Board of Directors

We cannot
become what
we want by
what we are.
— Max De Pree
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  • Government funding for operations ($297,592,000)
  • Capital grants ($37,905,000)
  • Research & innovation ($14,219,000)
  • Other revenue & recoveries ($30,648,000)


  • Compensation ($259,901,000)
  • Maintenance & building ($25,378,000)
  • Medical & surgical supplies ($17,425,000)
  • Services & other contracts ($16,067,000)
  • Amortization ($11,215,000)
  • Drugs ($5,377,000)
  • Other ($19,094,000)
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