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Pediatric Appointments

Updated: June 1, 2020 / 05:08 PM

Effective Monday, May 25th the IWK will begin a phased approach to resumption of some services. The initial focus will be surgeries that can be completed within a day and surgeries that require a short inpatient stay. Other services and appointments will resume gradually.


What you should know: 

  • Before we can start rescheduling previously cancelled routine appointments we have to carefully plan. In some cases this means reconfiguring our spaces and waiting rooms to respect physical distancing and other public health guidelines. 

  • Any care that can be done virtually, by video or phone, will continue to be conducted virtually. If this applies to you we will reach out to schedule and support accordingly. 

  • When appointments resume, it will be at a reduced capacity so that the IWK can follow necessary public health guidelines to keep patients and staff safe. 

  • Your clinic will notify you by phone when your cancelled appointment is rescheduled. Please ensure you are regularly checking your voice mail. 

  • We will be triaging appointments. If your condition has changed and you have concerns please call. 

  • We ask for your patience and understanding as we have many patients to reschedule and we anticipate high call volumes. 

  • Due to the complexity of scheduling at this time, we may request that you obtain necessary testing such as blood collection or X-rays at the IWK or in your community prior to the day of your appointment. 

  • We will do our best but we may not always be able to coordinate appointments with multiple care providers as readily as we have in the past. 

  • All urgent appointments are continuing to move forward. For example, some hematology/oncology and fracture clinics and other urgent appointments are going ahead. If you have not received a cancellation call (and your appointment is within one week) you can assume your appointment is going ahead. 

  • If you are coming in for an appointment, please remember our restricted access entrances and support person restrictions. 
We are doing our best to provide information as quickly as we can and will update our website as new information becomes available. Thank you for your patience!