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Midwifery Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible for midwifery care through the IWK Health Centre, you should:

  • Be healthy, with no pre-existing health concerns - such as insulin-dependent diabetes, a clotting disorder, a heart condition, etc.
  • Have had no serious problems in any previous pregnancies or births.
  • Be comfortable with receiving all your regular care from your midwife, rather than shared care with a physician.
  • Be committed to having a natural birth.

NOTE: Midwives in Nova Scotia are positioned to support those who would most benefit from their specific expertise, particularly communities or women with unmet health needs. Spaces may be reserved for women who are marginalized by culture, ethnicity, age and/or socio-economic status.

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breast health consultation

Approximately 375 breast surgeries will be performed annually at the IWK, with approximately 3,000 visits to the Breast Health Clinic.

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