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Research Review



Research Review

Our Primary Purpose:

The IWK is committed to the health and well-being of women, children, youth and families. From a research perspective, the population we serve is an integral part to how we investigate, implement and evaluate how we deliver care. As important stakeholders, we are committed to our research participants by ensuring that research is carried out with their interests and safety at the forefront. The Research Review (formerly referred to as the Research Ethics Audit) is designed to ensure that as researchers we are engaging in due diligence and complying with the ethical standards laid out by the Tri-Council.

The Review process is intended to fulfill the commitment of Research Services to ensuring the safety and privacy of our research participants, but also to ensure that the IWK Health Centre (a.) consistently conducts research with high quality scientific and ethical standard, (b.) complies with the requirements that are laid out locally, nationally and internationally, (c.) maintains internal systems that are comprehensive and sensitive enough to guarantee the highest quality of ethical standards in research. The Review should not be considered a penalty but rather a quality assurance process through which both Research Services and the Research Team can benefit.

If your project is selected for audit you will receive notification several weeks in advance of the scheduled date and time. Every effort will be made to accommodation your schedule. The Principle Investigator is invited to attend the Audit session but research assistants or coordinators are also encouraged to take part.

The attached documents provide further information about the IWK REB Audit Committee and process. Feel free to contact Research Services if you have any questions.

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