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Research Finance FAQ



How do I add signing authority to an existing account?

Contact the Information Coordinator in Research Services and notify her of the people you want added to the account. She will send you an Account Authorization form with everyone listed, as per your request. You will need to have each individual sign the form by their name accepting responsibility for the permissions given, as well as have the Principal Investigator sign the front page. Once the form is completed and returned to Research Services, our internal system will be updated with the new information.


How do I establish a new research account?

Please contact the following individual that pertains to the type of account you wish to open:

  • Kathleen Leadon – All accounts unrelated to contracts or grants
  • Yasmin Ali – Contracts
  • Denise DesLauriers – Grants

How do I get reimbursed?

The Health Centre policy regarding general reimbursements can be accessed here. Once the form is completed, forward it to the Research Services office for approval.



Invoices – Paying PO’s

The Health Centre policy for paying invoices can be found here here.


Petty Cash

Any single expenditure from petty cash is limited to $60 (tax included). Once the petty cash form is completed, you will need to attach the original receipt and bring it to the Finance Officer in Research Services for approval, prior to taking it to the business office.



How do I recover costs between accounts?

Send a detailed email to the Finance Officer explaining the purpose/reason for the request.



How do I have a cheque deposited into a research account?

Send the cheque to the Finance Officer with the cost centre.   


How do I invoice an external agency/institution?

You will need to complete an Accounts Receivable Request for External Billing Form, which can be obtained from the IWK Print Shop or Research Services (Form #4699). Once the form is completed, forward it to the Finance Officer.   


Online Service Requests

The Online Service Request system is to be used to obtain new PCs, Laptops, and Printers and obtain or change access to Meditech and network drives (H Drive). The Online Service Request system is not to be used to report technical problems with PCs, Laptops or Printers or any other malfunctioning hardware.  For these issues please call the Help Desk at 6700. You can ac


How do I get SAP access? (Research Accounts or Time Entry for research staff)
All requests for SAP access for research personnel, in addition to the login for employee pay slip, is processed through the Research Services office. Please contact Kelly Brophy, Facility Coordinator in Research Services.

How do I budget payroll costs for my research grant?
IWK has list of approved pay scales for research personnel. This list will provide the hourly wage, annual wage, approximate cost of benefits and an approximate total cost to research grants to assist with budget planning. Please Kelly Brophy, Facility Coordinator for the current list of approved scales. 

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