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MicroResearch International

Leaders: Dr. Robert Bortolussi, Department of Pediatrics, IWK Health Centre, Professor Emeritus, Dalhousie University and Dr. Noni MacDonald, Department of Pediatrics, IWK Health Centre, Professor, Pediatrics, Dalhousie University.

MicroResearch vision is to become a globally recognized pioneer in training, mentoring, and support of multidisciplinary community focused health research with a commitment to positive societal change. Our mission is to improve health care outcomes with innovative community based research that assures quality and integration of research into the fabric of the local health system and the community.

The knowledge gained from MicroResearch is shared with others through talks, publications and training-the-trainer opportunities.  MicroResearch leadership activities extend globally:

  • Africa, where training workshops and research project support have been underway since 2008, have trained over 600 health care professionals and launched 40 projects.
  • Dalhousie University, where MicroResearch participates in the Dalhousie RIM program for undergraduate medical student training for community based research, and,
  • Nova Scotia, with the proposed Nova Scotia wide MicroResearch program to train health care professionals on conducting community based research that will improve the local health care system. 

The objectives and programs of MicroResearch will support the mission of the IWK. The MicroResearch mission is to improve health care outcomes with innovative community based research. This mission is a compliment to one of the key components of the IWK Mission; “To be global leaders in research and knowledge sharing”   

MicroResearch also supports and strengthens the IWK’s core values, which include;

  • Building our reputation for excellence in the Maritime community and beyond;
  • Contributing to a sustainable health care system through … partnerships;
  • Pursuing excellence in care, teaching and research through a spirit of discovery and innovation;
  •  Leveraging our reputation & influence to advocate for the health of the population,
  • Being accountable for our relationships, decisions and actions” 



Activities anticipated over next 5 years:

  • Africa: expansion of MicroResearch to universities in other countries including Rwanda.
  • Nova Scotia: initiating knowledge translation and implement training workshops in 2 regions of Nova Scotia with the collaboration of St Francis Xavier University, Acadia and the University of Cape Breton.