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Comprehensive Research Education Online (creotm)

Please find information about the program in a flyer here or visit the site at www.creohealtheducation.ca

creotm  was designed by the IDR team to be able to provide accessible (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) research education support to health care providers and trainees. It is self-directed, interactive, and is designed to meet basic research education needs. Creo covers topics from critical appraisal, to statistics, to knowledge translation.

This course is FREE for IWK staff, IWK MDSS, NSHA staff, and NSHA MDSS. Sign up at creohealtheducation.ca today!



The IWK Health Centre is respected for its world-class research into disorders and diseases affecting women, children, youth and families and is home to many leading research centres. 

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