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Upcoming Events & Current Fundraising - Kermesse, Saturday, May 30th, 2020 at the IWK Health Centre!

Kermesse, the annual fundraising fair by the IWK Auxiliary for patient/family comfort items and spaces will take place Saturday, May 30th from 10am-3pm (grounds of the IWK Health Centre). 

This year's Kermesse fair will look a bit different this year, in part because of an exciting new collaboration! 

Kermesse Children's Activities (rides, games, prizes) will be organized by the team at Brigadoon Village!  Brigadoon Village offers fourteen camp programs, each of which are designed to accommodate a health condition or other life challenge. 

The IWK Auxiliary is excited by this opportunity to partner with Brigadoon for Kermesse 2020!  The Brigadoon team brings to Kermesse a wealth of experience in creating fun experiences for children. We can't wait to see their new ideas for Children's Activities this year!

In addition to the children's fair, the IWK Auxiliary will once again be running their pantry table with tasty treats inside the IWK Gallery (Richard Goldbloom Pavilion)

Sadly, the annual Kermesse Flea Market (a longstanding tradition that took place at Gorsebrook School), had its final run with last year's fair -- and we thank everyone who supported the it over the years! This initiative has simply become too labour-intensive and physically taxing for our small group of Axiliary members and volunteers to continue operating. 

But take heart, treasure hunters! There will be a mini version of the Flea Market in the IWK Gallery (Richard Goldbloom Pavilion) on Kermesse day. Come and visit the Gallery sales tables to find amazing toys, jewellery, books and other new-to-you items on Saturday, May 30th.   

The Kermesse Art Show and Sale will be back this year, to be held once again at the Public Archives of NS on Robie Street. Dates and times to be announced, but the sale will be open for certain on Kermesse day - so please make a point to visit!

Finally, the IWK Auxiliary needs your support with Kermesse so we can continue to fund the items/spaces that make a hospital stay bearable for patients and families!  Think of the IWK Family Library, the IWK Adaptive Equipment Loan program, the outdoor Playhut, murals, toys, and so much more! All of these IWK Health Centre patient comfort items/spaces are partially or fully funded by the IWK Auxiliary

Spread the word about Kermesse on Saturday, May 30th!  Bring your family!  Or ask the IWK Auxiliary about volunteering, or donating a few small treasures to the sales tables. 

Call the Auxiliary Office at 902-470-8918 for more information.  


Founded by a group of 22 women in May 1946, the Auxiliary volunteered for the original Children's Hospital and has been fundraising for child/youth/family patient comfort items and spaces throughout its history.

Our major fundraising efforts include the IWK Biggs & Littles gift shop and our annual fair, Kermesse.  We appreciate the support of the greater IWK community and wish to remind you that  funds raised by the Auxiliary are dedicated to supporting the mandate of this Health Centre.