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How will my cultural & diverse needs be addressed at the IWK?

If you have suggestions or requests for how the culture of your family should be considered while you are at the IWK, please let us know when your appointment or visit is booked.

The IWK wants you and your family to be comfortable during your visit with us and will try to accommodate your requests whenever possible. 

Interpretation and Translation Services are available at the IWK for IWK patients and families whose first language is not English. Please refer to the Bilingual Services sub site for more information on requesting an Interpreter when your IWK visit is arranged. Click here to learn more about IWK Billingual Services

As part of our commitment to being a welcoming and inclusive environment, the IWK values and supports spiritual diversity. Spiritual, religious and emotional support and counseling is available to patients and families of all faiths and beliefs. Click here to learn more about Spiritual Health at the IWK.