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Media Releases

  • IWK doctor first in North America to perform revolutionary surgery
    July 25, 2018
    Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Ron El-Hawary is giving youths suffering from adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) a new lease on life. Dr. El-Hawary, Chief Orthopedics at the IWK, is the first, and currently, only doctor to perform the ApiFix procedure in North America...
  • Working with patients and families, IWK proves we are Better Together
    June 20, 2018
    The IWK Health Centre Board of Directors hosted their 2017/18 Annual General Meeting today. The event shone a spotlight on the past year’s accomplishments and provided insight as to what the health centre will focus on in the coming year. The IWK Health Centre’s 2017/18 Report to the Community, Better Together was released during the meeting and can be found at annualreport.iwk.nshealth.ca...
  • Newborn screening of Sickle Cell Disease ensures lifesaving treatments
    June 19, 2018
    About one in every 6,200 babies born in the Maritimes has Sickle Cell Disease (SCD), a genetic disease which causes red blood cells to become ‘sickle-shaped’. This sickle, or C-shaped red blood cell does not function as well in the body as normal round blood cells and can cause severe pain, organ failure, and even death in people with SCD...
  • Classified rallies Nova Scotian artists in support of The SeaStar Child and Youth Advocacy Centre
    June 13, 2018
    Juno award-winning Canadian rapper, Classified, has rallied Nova Scotian artists to create awareness for a program supporting children who have experienced violence and abuse. The group came together in late April at The Sonic Temple to produce an acoustic video for Classified’s “Powerless”...
  • IWK doctors attract prestigious national recognition
    June 1, 2018
    The IWK’s Dr. Noni MacDonald and Dr. Andrew Lynk have received the nod for two prestigious national awards. Dr. MacDonald is being recognized with a Trailblazer Award in Populations and Public Health Research by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)...

Media Inquiries

The IWK’s Communications and Public Affairs team is ready to respond to journalist’s inquiries and requests.

The media are asked to contact the IWK’s Communications & Public Affairs team in order to facilitate the following:

  • Interviews with IWK Physicians, researchers and staff
  • Access to the Health Centre
  • Audio recording, videotaping, filming, photography on hospital property.

For more information, please review the IWK’s Media Relations Guidelines

Contacting Us

We make every effort to respond quickly to media requests. Call Communications and Public Affairs during regular office hours at 902-470-7086 .For media requests after hours and on weekends, please call 902-470-8888. Switchboard will page the Communications and Public Affairs advisor on call.

Public Accountability

In the spirit of transparency, a number of documents and reports are available to the public. These include:

  • IWK Health Centre Annual Reports
  • Business Plans
  • Quality & Patient Safety
  • Financial Statements
  • Compensation Disclosures

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