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Drug Discovery

Dalhousie University and IWK Health Centre scientists are working together in two main laboratories at the IWK to discover effective new formulations for treating and preventing common diseases. Researchers in the Canadian Center for Vaccinology are developing novel vaccines to prevent viral and bacterial infections, while researchers in the Cheminformatics and Drug Discovery Laboratory (CDDL) use sophisticated software to design new drugs.

CDDL senior scientists (David Byers, Chris McMaster, Don Weaver), paving the way for the first new class of antibiotics in years

CDDL staff scientists (Chris Barden, Annette Henneberry, Fan Wu), designing, creating and testing new compounds

Chris Richardson, engineering a multi-purpose vaccine against HIV, malaria, avian flu and other lethal pathogens

Jun Wang, in pursuit of the first Chlyamydia vaccine

The IWK Health Centre is respected for its world-class research into disorders and diseases affecting women, children, youth and families and is home to many leading research centres. 

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