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Going to Adult Services

Things I Need to Know About Mental Health and Addictions

Turning 19!

Transitioning to the adult mental health and addictions system can be a scary time for you and your family. While you are seeing your therapist at the IWK, they will help you develop the advocacy and self-management skills you will need as you move into the adult system.

As you near your 19th birthday, your IWK therapist will contact and arrange for a new therapist in the adult mental health and addictions program. This therapist will attend one or more meetings with you, your family and your IWK therapist, to make a transition plan and develop ongoing treatment goals. Your family doctor may be available to attend this meeting. If they are not available, we will make sure they have a copy of the transition plan and your treatment goals.

There are a number of different community agencies that offer support groups and peer support. We will help you find the community supports that are the best fit for you and your family. 

In short, we will help you build the skills you need to manage your health care as you move to the adult mental health and addictions system.