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Reproductive Mental Health (RMH) Services

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Reproductive Mental Health Services helps women with mental health concerns while they are under reproductive care—before, during, or following a pregnancy. Reproductive Mental Health addresses new or returning problems related to moods, thinking, and functioning. While our main focus is pregnant women and mothers in the first year after a birth, we also see women with depression, anxiety, previous trauma or assault, miscarriages, other losses or grief, high-risk pregnancies, and other major adjustment difficulties. 

The Reproductive Mental Health team conducts a detailed assessment and then recommends a treatment or intervention. This assessment and treatment may involve the family doctor, obstetrician, other health care providers, or community resources and supports. Partners, husbands and families may also be involved, but only with the woman’s consent. Depending on the woman’s assessment, she may receive inpatient care or ongoing treatment though the Reproductive Mental Health Clinic, or be referred to appropriate services in the community. Treatments range from self-help strategies, exercise, or physical care, to psychotherapy, mediation, individual or group treatment, medications, or psychiatric consultation services. 

The RMH team includes clinical mental health nurse specialists, social workers, addictions counsellors, and reproductive psychiatrists. This core team will also involve other health and community professionals as needed.

Reproductive Mental Health Services is located on the main floor of the Women’s Building at the IWK Health Centre.

Referrals to the Reproductive Mental Health Services are accepted from family physicians and obstetricians.