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Is there a group parents can attend?

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Parenting is one of the life’s most demanding and rewarding jobs. Sometimes parents/caregivers need a little extra help. IWK Community Mental Health offers groups to help parents navigate the challenges (and joys) of raising children. Here is what we offer:

Incredible Years (Ages 6-12)

Incredible Years is an evidence-based parenting program. It is designed to help parents/caregivers work with their child to improve behaviours, improve social skills, and get along with members of the family. The program builds on existing skills and offers new ideas for coping with your child’s challenging behaviour. 

Each weekly session is 2 hours and the group runs for about 13 weeks.  The Incredible Years is usually offered at the end of the workday, to make it more convenient for families to attend.

CONNECT Parenting Program (13-18)

CONNECT Parenting Program is an attachment based program. It is a 10-week program to support parents and caregivers of pre-teens and teens with difficult behavioural and emotional problems. Parents meet in small groups with two trained group leaders for one hour each week. 

Each session provides parents with a new perspective on parent-teen relationships and adolescent development. Parents watch role-plays, try exercises and work together to develop new choices for responding to their teen’s difficult behaviour. Parents receive handouts following each session with key points to remember.

We understand that each child and each parent is different and change is part of development. Rather than teach only one way of parenting, we help parents see choices that support healthy relationships while setting limits and helping their teen to move forward.

Parenting your Anxious Child (PYAC) 

This group is for parents/caregivers of children under age seven who are have symptoms of anxiety. PYAC consists of four two-hour sessions. The groups are run by mental health clinicians with an occupational therapist also providing support.

Psycho-educational Session on Anxiety 

If a child is attending one of the treatment of anxiety groups, parents will be invited to attend one two-hour psycho-education session at the IWK.  In this session, parents will learn more about the nature and management of their child’s anxiety. You are strongly encouraged to attend the session as it is a valuable part of your child’s overall treatment.  

How do you get into a group?

Call Central Referral to book in for a Choice appointment. At this appointment you will meet with an IWK clinician to:

Talk about your child’s behavior problems,

Learn about available services and treatments and,

Work out together what options best fit your family’s needs, which may include a parenting group.

 You can reach Central Referral at 902.464.4110 or toll free at 1.800.922-1122 and ask to be connected to Central Referral.