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National Poison Prevention Week March 18-24, 2018

For Immediate Release – Halifax: Every year the IWK Regional Poison Centre receives about 9,000 telephone calls related to poison information and exposure. Despite the serious nature of many of them, 90 per cent of the home-based calls are resolved without a health care facility visit. Poison Prevention Week is dedicated to raising the awareness of common poison hazards in order to prevent accidental poisons.

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Pediatric Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist a first for Nova Scotia

For Immediate Release – Halifax:  The addition of a pediatric physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist at the IWK is empowering patients and families. Dr. Jordan Sheriko, one of only a handful practicing in the burgeoning field across the country, is the first of his kind in Nova Scotia. Continue Reading

Departure from traditional surgery preparation leads to faster recovery, better patient experience

For Immediate Release – Halifax: Despite improvements in surgical technique, anesthesia and perioperative care, surgery places a high level of stress on the body before, during and after a procedure. On February 1, 2018 the IWK will become the first health centre in the Maritimes to implement Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS). The program is designed to help patients prepare for surgery, promote faster recovery and shorten hospital stays. Continue Reading

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