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Onboarding Materials

Frequently Asked Questions about Onboarding

Bring to your Occupational Health & Safety and Wellness Appointment

Important Notice: You are required to complete a pre-placement screening (PPS) appointment with Occupational Health, Safety & Wellness within 30 days of your start date. Please have your OHS&W forms completed prior to the appointment, which should be booked by calling 902-470-7949.

Please note: Employees are to bring copies of their immunization records to the PPS appointment (you may have this information from previous employment or school, and this is acceptable). If you cannot get your records from your physician or a Public Health agency, we will send you for blood work prior to your PPS appointment. Please let us know at least one week in advance of your PPS appointment by calling 902-470-7949.

  1. Mantoux Test Form
  2. Confidential Health History & Information

Prepare for Benefits Enrollment (Optional)