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Ultrasounds, Early Labour & Birth Unit

Updated: October 6, 2020 / 09:27 AM

We understand that there are many questions right now and we’d like to share some details about what to expect. 


2 support people during labour

This can be your partner, a family member, friend or doula (whoever you choose to be with you). Your  two support person(s) cannot rotate or change through the labour process. This includes post labour, while you recover and until you are discharged from Birth Unit. If your support person leaves they will not be permitted to re-enter. Please ensure both you and your support person have everything you need during and post labour. Please remember to bring your car seat


1 support person in Early Labour Assessment

Women who come in to the early labour unit for assessment may be asked to go home until they are further along the process of active labour. This is normal practice. 


1 support person in Ultrasound 



In order to prepare, here are a few details about what you can expect:.

  • You will be verbally screened at the entrance. If your support people screen positive they will not be permitted to enter.
  • Patients and support people entering the IWK hospital and its community locations have to wear masks.
  • If your support people pass screening you will proceed together to registration.
  • You will register and will be assessed in a room with a nurse without your support person.
  • Infants who are exclusively breastfeeding are welcome but please make childcare arrangements for siblings and children not receiving care. We must continue to minimize numbers to the health care facilities to protect patients and staff. 



If you are confirmed and scheduled for an induction you will be contacted by a birth unit nurse to tell you when to come in. Please do not arrive unless you’ve received that call.

Please understand we are receiving a high volume of calls and questions. We are doing our best to provide information as quickly as we can. Thank you for your patience as we navigate through these challenging times. 

Despite the added restrictions to keep everyone safe, we’re here to provide expert and loving care to you and your baby.